The art of sound comes entirely from culture

- Claude Lévi-Strauss

Electroacoustic music is a genre of classical music present in concert halls, although it is part as well of audiovisual media like films, games and theatre plays. It allows great precision along with great timbrical and dynamical flexibility, and it is used especially in terror and sci-fy.

1 -Contrapunt-i-seguit(2006)

2 -Adéu a K.(2007)

3 -Petita història sense paraules (2008)

4 -Elixir (2009)

5 -  Voluntats divergents(2009)

6 - La pell sonora (I) (2010)

7 -La pell sonora (II) (2010)

8 -Poètica fotònica (2010)

9 -Hirogaru Haiku (2010)

10-Je suis l’autre(2012)

11 -Rewrite(2016)